maxedmedia video production training


We were recently approached by a major international firm and asked to create a bespoke training course for some of its 1,800 employees.

The course is called What Every Journalist Should Know About Video Production, but is relevant to any business that has tasked its staff to bring back video content. The one-dayer has been designed to flag up all the things that we wish we had known when we started making videos.

The theory is that if you get the filming right then the edit will be a whole lot easier, and therefore more cost effective.

We run through the must have kit, the importance of getting your sound right and explain the basics of how to obtain professional-looking footage whether you are using a DSLR, video camera or iphone.

We also reveal the tricks and tips we have learned when it comes to getting the best out of your 'talent' when carrying out interviews and vox pops no matter where you are filming.

For more information on content and cost, drop maxedmedia a line we'll get straight back to you (email details below).